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The Company was founded by Mr. Simon Uche Benedict who has work in the both fields of Solar Energy and Telecommunication and has developed links for with a vast number of OEMs. Pitch Max Technology is an attempt to bring all OEMs together on one platform where all seeking quality materials for Solar accessories, Electrical, Wind Energy Accessories, Bio Energy, Batteries (Tubular, AGM and Lithium ion), Satellite based services can come to and be rest assured that they will get the best of the desired materials directly from the OEM themselves at affordable rate and swift delivery to any part of the Nigeria.

We have partnership from all around the world and including those OEMs with an extension in Nigeria and are well placed to get all our customers the desired satisfaction through guarantee and warranted products directly from the OEMs themselves.

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We offer you the very best of products and services possible at a friendly and affordable price.

We Deal With Various Quality Energy Related Products and Services!

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